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Union Iron Works manufactures belt conveyors to move your material with minimal degradation. Union Iron's two lines of Industrial Belt Conveyors, the Slider-Flo Belt Conveyor and the Idler Belt Conveyor, require minimal maintenance and entail a low initial cost.

Both of our belt conveyor lines are available with numerous options and accessories such as:
  • Walkways - made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, available in 10'-20' sections
  • Towers - custom designed four-legged A or H frame types
  • Trusses - available in tubular, structural and bar designs
  • Hoods - made of corrugated, galvanized steel, hinged for dust and weather tightness. Other designs are also available
  • Take-Ups - available in gravity and screw types
  • Impact Idlers - special covered rolls available per your specifications
  • Connectors, Chutes and Transitions - available lined or unlined

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